Judging Panel: Jaime Browne

Jaime Browne has been hailed by the Hollywood Reporter as “one of the most intriguing and exciting writers to emerge from Australia”, he is also one of its most prolific. His feature films include the Australian Drama THE MULE, the first Australian film to top the International I-Tunes charts - THE KING - The Graham Kennedy Story, the highest rating cable drama ever and the new film BROTHERS NEST which Premiered at 2018 SXSW with one reviewer calling it “a film that plays like the Coen Brothers got drunk with Hitchcock and wrote down how they would commit the perfect murder and yet still fail”.

His recent TV work includes Please Like Me, The Straits, Killing Time, Devils Dust, Laid and Squinters. A graduate of the VCA, his projects have won multiple AWGIES, AFI AWARDS and LOGIES.