Sing to Beat - Aphasia

Title: Sing to Beat - Aphasia
Author: Mark Chapman
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2018
Location: QLD

Viewer Comments

Karen Green from DECEPTION BAY Australia posted on 8 Jul 2018 12:27:23 PM
Inspiring to see how music and together helps to heal Wow fantastic to see what can happen in community and when people care. Congratulations all you deserve to win

Brydie-Leigh Bartleet from Bardon Australia posted on 6 Jul 2018 12:15:02 PM
Wonderful and inspiring work The power of singing shines through Congratulations all.

Doug Winten from Carindale Australia posted on 28 Jun 2018 4:50:31 PM
Hi everyone wonderful work chords are so simply powerful Bravo Dr Irons lovely to see you smiling by face. Love your work

Jan Cattoni from Ingham Australia posted on 28 Jun 2018 2:15:00 PM
Mark Chapman used to be my producer before he had his stroke 11 years ago. Mark was one of the most successful documentary producers in Australia. This is his first foray back into filmmaking . He has done all the filming himself and supervised the edit. This is such a wonderful achievement.

Lydia Brown from West End Australia posted on 26 Jun 2018 6:27:11 PM
Hi everyone this is Lydia the choir director. Mark Chapman the man who filmed this beautiful mini-doc about our choir also has Aphasia. He did such a lovely job I've watched this about 10 times now and it gets me every time 3

DAMIR MUFTIC from Black River Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 7:04:29 PM
I saw the movie and was really moved by the wonderful effort from the people in it that it takes to be verbal.It is sometimes really difficult to find the word or words that say what you think or want to do. What goes on in your head is sometimes different to the words that come out. We cannot isolate ourselves because of that part its a part of who we are now. As the North Queensland Ambassador for APHASIA and being able to meet many of us who have similar issues with language being together we are able to learn and grow from our experience. The Choir is one of the most WONDERFUL WAYS of bringing us together. As the title of my Brain Injury Story goes something that I believe in greatly OUR DIFFERENCE IS NOT BROKEN JUST BRUISED. WELL DONE TO ALL THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE CHOIR.

Tanya Ashton from Buranda Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 2:37:12 PM
Congratulations to Mark and team on creating a documentary to highlight Aphasia and show the tremendous benefits to communication social participation and self esteem being part of a choir can bring. Congratulations to the professionals and the choir participants for taking the step and singing to the beat you are inspiring.

Peter Stuart from Slacks Creek Australia posted on 22 Jun 2018 4:52:38 PM
It is so wonderful to watch the people singing improve in enunciation from the start to the finish. Credit to Lydia for teaching People With Aphasia to sing and credit to the singers for their enthusiasm. Well Done All.

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