Mr. Ability

Title: Mr. Ability
Author: Prynce Joel Okuyo Atiku
Category: International Short Film
Year: 2016
Location: Uganda
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Ndagire Joanita joshirah from town Oman posted on 2 Sep 2016 8:30:07 PM
This is the most touching story of all. Inspirational and energising . It proves beyond reasonable doubt that 'disability is not inability ' wow. Big up to the produce. the character is indeed mrability

Feni Robert from Arua Uganda posted on 16 Aug 2016 2:31:09 PM
There is non better touching inspirational than this am proud Joel

Fabrizio Colombo from Rome Italy posted on 14 Aug 2016 12:35:54 AM
Heartful short. Gets your heart but with pride and sens of hope.Thanks Prince for this little jewel

Kenneth Wakhasa from Dubai United Arab Emirates posted on 11 Aug 2016 3:45:45 AM
This movie is so touchingyou can't help but break a tearthis is great work by Joel and congratulate him a job well donekeep it up.

Robert Ernest from Kampala Uganda posted on 9 Aug 2016 4:34:12 PM
Very inspiring im touched

godfrey Musinguzi from kampala Uganda posted on 8 Aug 2016 5:00:09 PM
We love the story its our own keep the fire.

TURYATUNGA Felex from Kla Uganda posted on 8 Aug 2016 4:11:19 PM
Thanks papa it's really touching I wish the best.

Peter Donnelly from Dublin Ireland posted on 6 Aug 2016 1:42:37 AM
A skillfully crafted important film with many layers.

Bevin Mutambara from Isaacs Australia posted on 5 Aug 2016 8:39:37 PM
So touching

Wright Tom from Kla Uganda posted on 5 Aug 2016 2:02:19 AM
Impressive stuff Talented definitely

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