Life's Too Short To Hold Back

Title: Life's Too Short To Hold Back
Author: Christina Parker
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2018
Location: VIC

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Reg Speedie from Pakenham Australia posted on 30 Jun 2018 11:56:41 AM
Faith can help us break through barriers thatc seem impossible to the workd. Thankyou Lord Jesus

Peter Jankovic from Berwick Australia posted on 26 Jun 2018 4:35:57 PM
Bailey your determination is so admirable. It has got you to represent Victoria at the Kevin Coombs Cup this year within the first year of you giving wheelchair basketball a go. Your faith and drive will take you to where ever your dreams want to go. May you inspire others as you strive to reach your dreams.

Laura Robinson from Lynbrook Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 8:14:59 PM
A good reminder that Faith can be an inspiration.

Danielle Soobaroyen from Berwick Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 12:17:30 AM
Bailey you are joy and inspiration to us all. God blessings on you. Continue to do what you love and what you are good at with God by your side. Thank you for sharing your passion faith and resilience with us. Love and blessings to you and your beautiful family.

Jacqueline Liyanaarachchi from Narre Warren Sth Australia posted on 24 Jun 2018 11:05:44 PM
Well done Bailey. So admirable to watch... our family attended BCOC today we couldnt get enough of this clipping. We too have a 9 year old child with autism. It really made us open our eyes... God has been so so good in our lives he will keep blessing us on this journey. Without faith trusting God we are nothing. Thank u for sharing this beautiful story with us. Life is absolutely too short to hold back. Well done to his BLESSED parents who sacrifice so much for him. He is a talented young man now. Wishing him all the best for the future. God loves him for sure....xx

Trevor Johns from CRANBOURNE Australia posted on 24 Jun 2018 10:50:00 PM
Congratulations Bailey on living your life with such a positive attitude of never holding back by always giving 100 - and for putting your trust in the one who can be trusted. Amen to that.

Florin Rus from Narre Warren Australia posted on 24 Jun 2018 10:48:55 PM
A Mighty Man of God an amazing and ambitious young man. Keep it up Bailey.

carol Kessels from BERWICK Australia posted on 24 Jun 2018 8:18:52 PM
Bailey Jankovic U RockYour positive belief in yourself is anazingly inspiring for all who have just viewed this short film. You have made your parents family friends proud. Your determination basketball skill have bought you to where you are now. The sky is the limit - keep on keeping on

Michelle Jankovic from Berwick Australia posted on 24 Jun 2018 5:36:15 PM
I am so proud of my son Bailey. He has always had an attitude of never giving up. Bailey has the most positive look on life. This film showcases his heart to encourage other people with disability to never hold back. Christina you have created a wonderful film and showcased Bailey perfectly.

Wyley Hargraves from Seville Australia posted on 23 Jun 2018 5:39:24 PM
I love this story... Life IS too short to hold back Your faith and resilience are inspirational

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