Family First

Title: Family First
Author: Ricky Collins
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2015
Location: Australia

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Gillian from Brightonlesands posted on 17 Aug 2015 7:38:49 PM
Well Done Rickyyour Honestylove And Hope Is Very Inspiring Thank You

Marie from Oran Park posted on 16 Aug 2015 12:01:19 PM
I Love Your Story It Made Me Cry. I Can Share What You Are Going Through As My Beautiful Son Ethan Who Is 9 Is Also On The Spectrum. You Are Doing A Wonderful Job. We Can Never Give Up On Our Boys. We Just Love Them And They Will Be The Best That They Can Be. All The Best.xx

Lowell Yalung from Nsw posted on 13 Aug 2015 1:31:10 PM
There Are Things People Does Not Understand.. My Son Is Almost The Same As Eric.we Almost Gave Up.but I Could Not Even My Wealth Is Gone To Let My So To Be Out Of The Still Hoping For Miracle From God And Up To Now. I Pray To God Not To Put Me In Heaven Or Hell Of I Passed Away. I Would To Be A Wanderer That Would Look Upon My Precious Child Everyday...thanks Dennis For Voicing Out What We Feel...

Lorraine from Macarthur posted on 10 Aug 2015 10:36:19 AM
I Am Honoured To Have Met This Family And Know How Much They Do For The Community Both Locally And Beyond. Autism Turned Their Lives Around They Turned Their Lives Upside Down To Meet It.

Cecilia from Bradbury posted on 9 Aug 2015 12:17:48 AM
With Love Everything Is Possible... And No Love Can Be Greater Than The One From Parents To Their Children. Denis And Maria Have To Be So Proud Of Their Children Achievements As It Is All The Result Of Their Love For Them.

Nat Marcal from Brisbane posted on 8 Aug 2015 4:33:29 PM
Well Done Ricky On This Documentary I Have Known Dennis When I Was Just A 17yr Old. To See Him In This Documentary As A Loving Dad Family Man Was Touching He Has Put All His Energy And Love Into His Kids With His Wife. Dennis And His Wife Are An Inspiration We Need Everyone To Know About Autism And This Will Have Each Of Us Parents Know That Its Not Easy But Some Families Are Doing The Very Best To Get Through And Not Take Our Children For Granted. God Bless Xx

Kerrie from Queensland posted on 8 Aug 2015 8:57:15 AM
So Nice To See A Dad Open Up About There Journey With Autism... I Have 5 Children With Asd And Other Things And There All Now High Functioning... My Now 14 Year Old Was Completely Non Verbal Until She 7 ... Then Words Then Words Started To Come Out Not In The Right Context At First ... We Did Sign Language And Used Visuals And A Visual Diary Of Every Day And Told Her Always What Was Happening... I Never Gave Up Either... She Went From Aspect School In Newcastle To Supported School In Mainstream And Now We Are Homeschooling ... But She Is An Amazing Kid As All My Children Are... Your Doing A Wonderful Job You Will See More And More Succes I Just Know It

Fia Heather from Brisbane posted on 7 Aug 2015 11:33:27 PM
So Moved By This Video Well Done Ricky And Thank You For Sharing Your Journey With Us Autism Parents.

Marg Smith from Ulladulla Nsw posted on 7 Aug 2015 9:36:52 PM
Very Moving Parents Account Of Their Journey To Try To Help Their Autistic Son Reach His Potential. A Parents' Love For Their Child Cannot Be Measured. Absolutely Heart Wrenching And Heartwarming At The Same Time. Well Done Best Wishes Love Will Conquer

Ahmad from Lethbridge Park posted on 7 Aug 2015 8:47:56 PM
The Poorer Of Love Wonderful Story Short Flim .

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