I'm Marcus

Title: I'm Marcus
Author: Kellyville High School
Category: School Entrant - Short Film
Year: 2014

Viewer Comments

Melinda Mccombe from Cambodia posted on 18 Aug 2014 12:30:39 AM
Some Of The Images And Camera Angles In This Film Are Brilliant I Was Really Touched By This Film

Rachael from Kellyville posted on 17 Aug 2014 9:54:42 PM
Fantastic Very Moving. Well Done On A Great Film.

Delia Gerardi from Glenorie posted on 16 Aug 2014 5:34:52 PM
Marcus Is A Very Special Person In Tune With His Surrounding And Very Aware. We Need To Learn From Him And Realise We Might Look All The Same But Inside We Are Different Stages Of Learning. Humans Are Scared Of Something Different As They Don't Understand We Are All Here To Learn And Grow. Live N Light To Marcus God Bless

Annette Fraietta from Cherrybrook posted on 15 Aug 2014 12:38:06 PM
Absolutely Fantastic

Sam from Baulkham Hills posted on 14 Aug 2014 1:00:46 PM
Thank You Marcus For Sharing My 12 Year Old Daughter Has Not Been Diagmnosed Woth Autism But Shares Many Autistic Traits And I Could Relate On So Many Levels To What Your Message Was Saying And Hear My Daughter Speaking The Same Words This Has Truly Helped Me Have A Better Understanding Of What She Is Experiencing

Jeanette from Mudgee Nsw posted on 13 Aug 2014 8:10:46 PM
Thank You Marcus ... You Have Given Me A Better Insight About How My 12 Year Old Autistic Nephew Thinks. You Are Truly A Gem. So What Is Xxvvxxnormal' Anyway ... Its What We Make Of Our Own Worlds. All The Best My Darling.

Donna from St Marys Nsw posted on 13 Aug 2014 3:16:16 PM
Beautiful Film Wonderful Job

Sharon Fitzpatrick from Kenthurst posted on 11 Aug 2014 6:50:31 PM
I Will Never Forget The Day You Walked Over And Introduced Yourself To Me...confident Immediately Likeable I Was Truly Impressed. Marcus You Are Inspirational.

Rama Gardner from Paynesville posted on 10 Aug 2014 11:41:07 AM
What A Beautiful Insight To Autism That Many Of Us Don't Truly Understand Thank You Marcus For Sharing Your Life With Others

Jenny from Sydney posted on 9 Aug 2014 4:26:20 PM
Whose Is To Say Beautiful Boy You Are Not The So Called Normal One. How Many So Called Normal People Do U Know. You See The World As We All Should One Small Bit At A Time. In My Life We Are All Normal. Good Luck

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