Enjoying Life With Dementia

Title: Enjoying Life With Dementia
Author: William Yeates
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2023

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Kevin Lee from Belrose Australia posted on 26 Aug 2023 12:19:50 AM
Totally inspirational. It is great to see you swim in SwimFit Tuesday mornings. I hope that I can swim faster to keep up with you.

Pamella Macleod from Seaforth NSW Australia Australia posted on 25 Aug 2023 5:50:36 PM
Yippee for Bill. This is astonishing and encouraging for us all. Its so good to see his positive approach and the support of all has friends and contacts. bill you are impressive

John Bransby from Manly Australia posted on 25 Aug 2023 4:10:08 PM
Great to see Bill actually improving and not declining. Being a 50 year member of Coogee Surf Club and having trained hard my whole life for surf skis rowing and running I can vouch for the benefits of keeping up a substantial exercise program. I'm back doing road running most days lots of rowing machine skis and tennis. Never felt better or more energised. Keep it going Bill

cate Archibald from Newport Australia posted on 25 Aug 2023 4:07:59 PM
I think Bill is inspirational good on him I have no doubt this will give alot of people some hope so thank you Bill

Violet WILKINSON from Belrose Australia posted on 24 Aug 2023 9:35:57 AM
Well done Bill you are amazing and an inspiration to all Warringah Masters swimmers on a Wednesday night Sunday morning.

Simon Cosh from Moree Australia posted on 24 Aug 2023 7:06:44 AM
Inspirational.A remarkable achievement Bill. Well done Mate. Looking forward to following you as you achieve your goals.

Greg Dodds from Frenchs Forrest Australia posted on 23 Aug 2023 9:40:57 AM
I have known Bill for a number of years after meeting at the gym. What this film does knowing Bill chatting with him is there are things you can do exercise program community involvement generally having a go to not allow Dementia to get the better of you . I didn't realize exercise was such a key component in slowing down dementia Bill you are a true inspiration.

Paul Geraghty from South Melbourne Australia posted on 21 Aug 2023 2:31:34 PM
Bill and I played Rugby League together as young boys. He never took a backward stephe was as tough as they come. He was a great inspiration to all of us that played with him. He will give this latest battle 100 . I wish him all the best.

Caitlin Yeates from North Curl Curl Australia posted on 20 Aug 2023 11:56:06 AM
A really inspiring film created by my Dad. I am so proud of him for creating a short documentary that hopefully encourages other who are living with dementia to realise they can still live a rewarding and fulfilling life

Ernest Shaw from Queenscliff NSW Australia posted on 20 Aug 2023 10:18:32 AM
I walk with Bill just about most mornings at Curl Curl and i still fail to see the advancement of dementure to any extent. what can i say apart from amazing. onya Bill

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