Lives Well Lived

Title: Lives Well Lived
Author: Post Polio Victoria Inc.
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2023

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Jeanne .... nee' Schulz Lowe Edwards Kincaid from BENALLA Australia posted on 22 Aug 2023 4:47:21 PM
I was only 4 years Old When I Contracted Polio I had been making 'Mud Pies' out in an unmade Gutter.The first thing I knew I wasn't able to use My Right Arm or Leg. My Dear Late Mum and Dad took me up to the Wangaratta Hospital. Where they proceeded to do a 'Lumbar Puncture' to see if they could Identify what I had been struck down with. Yes it was Polio I was completely Paralysed down My right hand side. I was Quarantined in Hospital in Wangaratta Victoria. I can remember Mum and Dad having to Gown up each time they came to visit Me. I was Lucky enough not to have needed an Iron Lung. But spent 5 months up in Wangaratta Hospital. When I was finally allowed to go Home Mum worked Hard with Physio on Me with the Help of a Lovely Man called Mr Wilson He finally with Mums Help I was finally able to Walk again. I was to have Callipers Fitted but by this time I didn't need them much to the Surprise of those Ladies that were present fitting them.After I came Home from Hospital I had to Lie on a Hard Door on top of an Old Pram which was kept in the Alcove that had been made to fit a Refrigerator of those times. Where My Head and Arms were laying on a Dolly Splint my Arms were Bandaged to it. On recovery Mum never allowed Me to Play any Sport which I did went Mum wasn't looking. As I enjoyed doing things with the other Children. I finally Married at 19 years of age and had 4 Children within 5 years my Marriage broke up I remarried a few years later and had another 2 Babies plus an Ectopic Pregnancy. After My Last Baby was Born plus the Ectopic Pregnancy I used to become very Tired with Aching Muscles before this I Milked Cows Chopped Wood and Emptied Thunder Boxes Tin Toilets everyday. Also having to Heat Water in a Preserving Pan to Bath my Little Ones. I was a Clean Freak and even though I never had much everything had to be Spotlessly Clean. I was finally Diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I am al

Alice Shirreff from Ballarat Australia posted on 19 Aug 2023 12:18:56 PM
I got Polio at 4.5 years old was in an Iron Lung had no movement for several weeks. I have had a good life up to now played golf lots of dancing got married had 2 children so very blessed Now feeling the late effects of Polio so have had to slow down a lot I am 78 years now.

Julie Williams from Red Rock Australia posted on 19 Aug 2023 8:19:54 AM
This is a wonderful tribute to the fact that disability doesn't make you a lesser person. Polio made children fighters with get on with life attitude. Sadly there needs to be a Part 2 these children are now elderly and have to deal with Post Polio where there bodies fail them where just get on with it causes more damage. A hateful virus but I salute all polio survivors.

Au Bary from Deception bay Australia posted on 19 Aug 2023 7:52:35 AM
How wonderful the people with this disability fight to get on with life and not just wait for help all the best to them

Helen Murray from Echuca Australia posted on 18 Aug 2023 4:12:21 PM
I lived in Melbourne and at the age of 15months I got Polio that was 1954 and now at 70 am going through Post Polio but have had a good life Married 3 children 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandson it wasnt an easy life but survived. Good luck to everyone living with this horrible disease.Helen McKeown

Janice Post from Dimboola Australia posted on 18 Aug 2023 3:03:30 PM
I am a polio survivor from the 1950's and am now suffering PPS. My Mother would not allow me to be put in hospital as being an epidemic she didn't think I would get the care I needed and put me through my exercises which I believe helped me greatly. I took up swimming whilst living in Darwin in my younger day and believe that helped me enormously over the years.

Robyn Aulmann from Rutherglen. Victoria Australia posted on 17 Aug 2023 10:57:26 AM
As a 6 yr old I caught polio and was nursed at homer in Wallacia on a farm I attended a normal school where I had to learn to make my way After a very active sport and school life I went Nursing and became a Midwife and 40 years later I can say I was very active in Guiding scouting and community activities. My Dad and Second sister encouraged me every hiccough when young Thanks.

Helen Bonynge from Camperdown Australia posted on 16 Aug 2023 2:05:36 PM
This is the story of three very special people ..thank you for sharing your lived experience of polio .. non of you ever gave up

Denese Hume from Telarah NSW Australia posted on 16 Aug 2023 12:43:53 PM
What an inspirational film. I had polio in 1950 enjoy life to the fullest I can. Thank you

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