A Day in the Life of

Title: A Day in the Life of
Author: Lenny Seberry
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2022
Location: Australia

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Phil Forster from Beachmere Australia posted on 30 Aug 2022 6:18:43 PM
Very insightful and makes one appreciate and be grateful for the little things and Nathan really is an inspiration seeing how happy he is living with such a disability. Thanks Lenny for creating this video we can all learn from.

Lex Munneke-Corbett from Columbus United States posted on 27 Aug 2022 12:29:09 PM
You're a role model to my family. I also have SMARD and I'm almost 5. I face these challenges every day. Thank you for speaking for me when I can't. I wish everyone could have this training so we could be a more understanding world and thank you for the progress towards this.

Sue McKendrick from Birtinya Australia posted on 26 Aug 2022 9:01:48 PM
Voted What a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing A Day In The Life of Nathan.

Anthea Patrick from Brisbane Australia posted on 26 Aug 2022 11:56:56 AM
What a great concept for a short film Really interesting. ...and I relate my disability is my ability too ...responding to the challenge IS my strength. Well done to the whole team this film dives deep is gently confronting and gives me joyful vibes in perfect balance. At the end I realised I was applauding the screen. Thank you for making this film.

Louise Dean from Caloundra Australia posted on 25 Aug 2022 7:31:40 AM
You are amazing Nathan you always inspire me as all people with a disability. Rachel thumbs up to you. This is so amazing. I have a disabled daughter and every time she gets knocked back with funds or equipment I always tell the people involved the same you spend just an hour or day in her shoes and then tell me way. Good luck to you all.

Karli Benson from Darley Australia posted on 24 Aug 2022 8:47:22 PM
This is INCREDIBLE Congratulations guys and Nath seriously you continue to inspire me beyond measure youre an absolute legend And brilliant at doing interviews now too Good luck xxx

Paul Davidson from CitySuburbTown Australia posted on 24 Aug 2022 8:31:08 PM
Wow Power too you Puts a bit of perspective into our own life we all have shit to deal with but this opens your eyes to the broader life challenges some other people have to deal with on a day to day basis. Thank you for sharing

Karin Edwards from Clontarf Australia posted on 24 Aug 2022 5:55:05 PM
Good luck

Cheryl Morrish from Rangeville Australia posted on 24 Aug 2022 5:42:13 PM
Nathan is a legend in his own right. Nothing stops him and is an inspiration to all.

Lainie mauger from Baringa Australia posted on 24 Aug 2022 3:37:02 PM
Awesome video well done guys

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