Marfan Syndrome

Title: Marfan Syndrome
Author: Portland Central School
Category: School Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2021
Location: NSW

Viewer Comments

sue daley from portland Australia posted on 31 Aug 2021 12:37:42 PM
A beautiful and understated film we get to know about the condition and also the individuality of the subjects beautiful illustrations too

Asmira Woodward-Page from Megalong Valley Australia posted on 30 Aug 2021 12:32:47 AM
Very personal documentary about Marfan Syndrome and what what it is like to live with the condition. Brought to life with energetic moving sketches perhaps illustrating what it might be like to see through the eyes of someone living with Marfan. Well done

Jen Sewell from Portland Australia posted on 28 Aug 2021 12:49:22 PM
An insight into the lives of students - Jarod and Shannon. I enjoyed the narrative the message and illustrations in this mini documentary. Thank you for sharing your experience living with Marfan Syndrome - very personal and informative.

Sonia Kennedy from Little Hartley Australia posted on 28 Aug 2021 10:04:23 AM
Very informative and beautifully presented.

Moira Hickman from Hazelbrook Australia posted on 26 Aug 2021 2:27:52 PM
I just loved the message and the beautiful images. It was interesting so personal and because of that it really held my attention. Thank you

Yvonne Austin from Megalong Australia posted on 25 Aug 2021 12:55:53 PM
A very moving beautifully expressed innovative documentary. It should be shown in all classrooms.

Julia Booth from BLACKHEATH Australia posted on 22 Aug 2021 11:28:58 AM
A touching insight into Jarod and Shannon's worlds. Worlds we can never know. The drawings hint beautifully and sensitively to the uniqueness of their 'visions'. Jarod and Shannon's voices are courageous and honest. I'd like to thank them for sharing their stories and teaching me about Marfan Syndrome.

Norma Carlon from Megalong Valley Australia posted on 21 Aug 2021 12:30:36 PM
Informative and touching.

Andris Heks from Megalong Valley nsw 2785 Australia posted on 21 Aug 2021 10:30:59 AM
Sensitive and beauffully presented educational documentary showing the story through the eyes of its young protagonists. The drawings are superb especially when they are half-animated.

Bryden Williams from Trentham Australia posted on 20 Aug 2021 11:26:29 AM
A wonderful mini-documentary. Well done team I really enjoyed the way the narration and illustrations explained Marfans and showed the daily life of someone living through it during school years. Honest and informative thankyou for sharing

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