Breaking the Sound Barrier

Title: Breaking the Sound Barrier
Author: Beyond Content
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2021
Location: SA

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Horst Gluckat from Kln Germany posted on 27 Aug 2021 7:38:15 AM
Hey Candice Normaly it needs a lot to impress me-but YOU and your Story really made me speechless WOW I'm a 59 y.o. Trucker from Germany-allways a little loudbut now...I showed your Video today some other Truckers From now on you have a whole bunch of Fans in Germany Keep on trucking Greetings from Germany Horst Gluckat Scania 770

Melanie Knowles from SOUTH AFRICA Australia posted on 25 Aug 2021 3:47:57 AM
Dearest Candy. As you mom the hardest part was only seeing you over weekends because your school for the deaf was not close to home. But we did fun things weekends and all the holudays. I am so very proud of you and encourage you all the time. Your video calls photos and messages are my life line. You are my strength. You are my heartbeat. You never gave up. Cause Mom did not give up. Be strong. Be true. Be happy. I pray for you everyday to be safe on the road. I love you so very much and miss you terribly. Very proud of you. God bless until we meet again. Love you forever.

Lisa Lisa from Petrie Australia posted on 24 Aug 2021 10:57:20 AM
Fantastic to see you have found your passion. Thank you for carting things around Australia for us all xo

John Taylor from VICTORIA POINT Australia posted on 23 Aug 2021 8:33:16 PM
I first ran across Candice at a site she reversed straight onto the dock where I had seen other guys knock of the gate posts and get all crossed up. I was already unloading and didn't realise she was deaf when I said a good job she ignored me I thought a bit rude then one of the guys at the job told me she was deaf. I got around in front of her and gave her the thumbs up and then we kind of got in a conversation and I don't do sign language bit we communicated and both had a laugh. She truly is a top operator. Whenever she came into our yard they would say she was here and everyone gave her courtesy and a great operator. This is cool to see she is getting the recognition.

Brad Davey from Manly West Australia posted on 23 Aug 2021 6:54:36 PM
I used to work with Candice gorgeous but talks too much lol. She does her job and I never had a problem with her. I helped her where I could but she was always appreciative of help. Go Candice.

Samantha rossiter from 34a franell road yagoona nsw 2199 Australia posted on 23 Aug 2021 11:43:33 AM
Hey Candice u are so beautiful woman deaf and nice to meet u and so beautiful drive truck travel world trip road look good job at work and This is such a powerful story about a strong woman who never ever give up her dream being a truck driver and I love this story thanks sammie

Roger Wilds from Waerenga Australia posted on 23 Aug 2021 4:37:49 AM
Very inspiring

Don Olds from Anson United States posted on 21 Aug 2021 9:48:30 PM
I'm proud to part of the deaf community but I'm full hearing. I'm here to help anyway I can. The deaf can do any job with the right accommodations.

Theresa Cooper from Wellington New Zealand posted on 20 Aug 2021 8:54:25 PM
This is such a powerful story about a strong-will woman who never ever give up her dream being a truck driver I knew Candice from several years ago and it is wonderful to see the courage and assertiveness from her and to send a message to many to work together and make a difference. Great film

Sarah Diebert from Thornton Australia posted on 20 Aug 2021 8:04:45 PM
As a deaf woman in Australia I love and am inspired by your strength determination and resilience. I too love road trains

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