Author: Allison Pitt
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2021
Location: NSW

Viewer Comments

Rose-Marie van Hoogstraten from Hornsby Sydney NSW Australia posted on 28 Aug 2021 10:31:58 PM
This movie is a real TRIUMPH.Each art work sings of inner life. Each painting is executed in a unique way withdelicate or bold colours ideal and specific for the chosen subject.This exhibition is a deeply touching picture of overcoming all impediments and creating beauty through art work. One can feel how joyous it is for the artist to explain her journey. The photography was clearcapptured the colour nuances andsensitivity of the artist with her expressive hands and the delicacy or boldness of her paintings going seamlessly from one view to another. The music selected was an art work in itself a conversation with what was being presented in the movie.For all the presenters who have worked as a harmonious team to create TRIUMPH I sayBRAVOBRAVISSIMOA great collaboration. Well done Allison for facilitating and encouraging this creative. Process.

Averine. Justelius from Vista Ca United States posted on 27 Aug 2021 2:28:22 AM
We knew you had it in you. What a shame the lockdowns keep getting in the way You know how much I love all your art forms. You can do anything you put you mind to. Love the art and the artist

Adam Pitt from Horsley Australia posted on 26 Aug 2021 1:09:54 PM
That was awesome. Well done guys.

Kristina Dryza from Nida Lithuania posted on 25 Aug 2021 3:00:25 AM
Vanessa and Allison - you are both such inspirations to me Congratulations

Christine OConnor from Pitt Town Australia posted on 23 Aug 2021 11:40:40 AM
Congratulations Vanessa your artwork is amazing. You are.very gifted. Congratulations to you too Alison a wonderful documentary.

Josephine Cromarty from Dee Why Australia posted on 21 Aug 2021 7:55:15 AM
As always Venessa your gifts fill my heart with joy and thanksgiving for having encountered such a beautiful spirit.

Alex Sideratos from Sylvania Australia posted on 20 Aug 2021 8:40:19 PM
Great doco Allison very well put together and great story telling. You should be proud. Venessa is amazing.Alex

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