What's in a Name

Title: What's in a Name
Author: Ian Heydon
Category: Open Entrant - Short Film
Year: 2021
Location: QLD

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Anna Carson from Middle Riddge Australia posted on 11 Sep 2021 8:43:30 AM
Congratulations Ian Such a brilliant insight into what its like to live with MS. We will never use a spatula in our house again - it will always be a flippy stick In fact I think you may have started a trend Im off to make scrambled eggs with the whirly gig

Tess Brooks from Surrey Hills Australia posted on 4 Sep 2021 4:20:09 PM
Great work Ian. I didn't know this about MS and suspect I'm not the only one. Love the use of humour.

Kim Repcak from Diamond Creek Australia posted on 2 Sep 2021 3:13:02 PM
Such valuable insight Ian. Done in such a fun way. Thank you

Jacqui Harvey from Blackburn Australia posted on 1 Sep 2021 2:45:43 PM
Fabulous loved it thanks Ian

Linda Trenning from collaroy Plateau Australia posted on 30 Aug 2021 7:01:02 AM
Just a simple THANKS from one MS sufferer to another

Kim Latour from St.Catharines Canada posted on 27 Aug 2021 9:12:27 PM
Well done Ian

Susan Hawkins from Echuca Australia posted on 27 Aug 2021 12:17:37 PM
As a person with MS this film is great I have sent to family and friends next time I say flippy thing theyll know exactly what I mean. Great job

Lisa Davis from Dudley Australia posted on 27 Aug 2021 11:47:05 AM
WOW this is the most brilliant thing I have seen. Thank you for your insight and wonderful humour

Rich B from Blackburn Australia posted on 27 Aug 2021 9:16:48 AM
Thank you so much for presenting such a serious topic in a humorous light. While I did have a good chuckle it was a great reminder of the struggles people with MS etc can experience.

Joy Martin from Wonthaggi Australia posted on 27 Aug 2021 9:03:26 AM
Just brilliant

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