Jivi's Ability

Title: Jivi's Ability
Author: Jarvis Smoker
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2020
Location: NSW

Viewer Comments

Patrick Fennell from Bamain Australia posted on 20 Oct 2020 10:54:53 AM
hey Jarvis Your a Champion already you have done so so much already. LooK forward to meeting you soon get you on the way to the 2026 Para Olympics. Good Luck Patrick

Isaiah blair from swan hill Australia posted on 14 Oct 2020 2:35:44 PM
good job it was inspiering

Deedee Gauci from Balmain Australia posted on 8 Oct 2020 8:38:41 PM
This made me smile so much. I love sports and especially snowboarding. Youre such an inspiration and I know youll make to the Italy Olympic games. Im hoping to be there to working.

Brendan Smith from Balmain Australia posted on 8 Oct 2020 7:27:18 PM
So inspirational. Good luck

Joel Costello from Balmain Australia posted on 8 Oct 2020 12:57:09 PM
Amazing stuff Jarvis You are an inspiration mate Love your work.

Alexandra Lock from GLEBE SYDNEY Australia posted on 6 Oct 2020 3:27:06 PM
What a brilliant video Go Jarvis - you are an absolute legend Nozawa Onsen is the coolest place to ski - except that we nearly lost Charlotte in the soft snow there one day Wishing you all the very very very best of luck Alex David Issy and Charlotte xxx

cheryl Frederickson from chadstone Australia posted on 5 Oct 2020 11:37:59 AM
I liked your video because you proved to people that if your different you can still do things you love.

David Grbin from Glebe Australia posted on 3 Oct 2020 3:33:48 PM
So proud of you Jarvis Love your determined spirit and big heart

Nik Kritikos from Forest Lodge Australia posted on 2 Oct 2020 10:02:42 AM
Very inspiring and elegantly presented. No doubt you will achieve your goals. Best of luck

Lucas Orr from Highett Australia posted on 27 Sep 2020 7:27:23 PM
Good job Jarvi I hope the best for you in the future and we need more of you to conquer the world I hope you make the Olympics and you will be a great inspiration.

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