Sarah "Living with 18Q Syndrome"

Title: Sarah "Living with 18Q Syndrome"
Author: Tina Torrens
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2020
Location: QLD

Viewer Comments

Shereener Hudson from London United Kingdom posted on 18 Sep 2020 4:47:50 AM
A beautiful and inspiring film. I am a parent of a differently abled 18qer who is now 11. It is so wonderful to see your daughter taking her part in and contributing to society just as it should be And well done to you and your husband for rolling the dice twice

Sharon Butcher from Kingaroy Australia posted on 17 Sep 2020 9:19:45 PM
Thank you to the amazing people we have in our community. We are truly blessed by the wonderful people who have supported Sarah and our family and touched our lives each one of you have helped us with a smile a laugh and a sense of belonging for Sarah. to accomplish her goals in floristry and help us give Sarah a sense of purpose and to connect her to her community. We would love to meet the family in Nanango and have been touched by orher families reaching out to us. Thank you Tina for telling our story.

Felicity Aitken from Moffatdale Australia posted on 17 Sep 2020 6:53:25 AM
Thank you so much for creating this short film and sharing your story Sarah An absolute inspiration

Danita Potter from Kingaroy Australia posted on 17 Sep 2020 5:53:19 AM
Beautiful story about beautiful people who never give up and live life to the fullest

Julie Binnie from Parrearra Australia posted on 16 Sep 2020 6:35:05 PM
Beautiful story. So pleased I watched it. Best wishes to Sarah and her family.

Anthea Simmons from Kingaroy Australia posted on 16 Sep 2020 2:49:37 PM
A lovely story and such a wonderful inspiring family xx

Patricia Nolan from Nanango Australia posted on 16 Sep 2020 12:20:07 PM
would like to meet up with the family as my son has a 18Q deletions syndrome.

Krishna Dawsons from Maudsland Australia posted on 16 Sep 2020 9:25:48 AM
We had the great pleasure of training these amazing women and growing to love the entire family. Sarah especially always inspires us Just a beautiful family

Natasha Genge from Caloundra Australia posted on 15 Sep 2020 9:10:05 PM
Lovely story and lovely family. A huge encouragement to us all.

Helen Schmidt from Coolabunia Australia posted on 15 Sep 2020 8:52:08 PM
What a lovely film and you could not get more beautiful people than Ken and Sharon. Such a wonderful family.

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