Imagination Master

Title: Imagination Master
Author: Damian Perry
Category: Open Entrant - Short Film
Year: 2019
Location: VIC

Viewer Comments

Patti Le Brocq from Patterson Lakes Australia posted on 14 Jul 2019 10:23:00 PM
Wow three amazing families Cai and Damian you are brilliant Truly loved every second of your clever movie. Huge congrats to each of you.... writers actors and musicians.

Jayme Hudson from Heathcote Australia posted on 6 Jul 2019 6:51:39 PM
Fabulous flick made by a very intelligent boy. Cai you are amazing. Well done champ.

Tony Day from Bendigo Australia posted on 4 Jul 2019 11:02:53 PM
Beautifully imagined inspiring and naughtily cheeky

Matthew Stone from Mernda Australia posted on 3 Jul 2019 8:10:28 PM
Great stuff Cai. Well done to all.

Jessica cola from Axedale Australia posted on 3 Jul 2019 1:59:09 PM
Excellent work Cai co The world could use a few more imagination masters right now

Wendy Sloane from Bendigo Australia posted on 30 Jun 2019 4:25:32 PM
Awesome Cai - Congratulations

Andy McManus from Blackburn Australia posted on 29 Jun 2019 9:21:23 PM
So well done Cai and crew Beautifully written and acted love the soundtrack too D

Sophie Marsland from Melbourne Australia posted on 28 Jun 2019 8:20:37 PM
Excellent work Cai and everyone involved we need more people like you using imagination in wonderful ways top job

Daniela Bradley from Spring Gully Australia posted on 28 Jun 2019 8:11:40 PM
What an absolutely brilliant film So impressed We need more Imagination Masters

David Sims from Port Melbourne Australia posted on 28 Jun 2019 3:53:36 PM
Ha Very Funny. Fantastic imagination and performances all round

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