Title: Nino
Author: Eitan Herman
Category: International Documentary
Year: 2019
Location: Israel

Viewer Comments

Allan Warshawsky from Omer Israel posted on 14 Jul 2019 7:26:46 PM
Having a brother handicapped by Polio I can relate to those who do not allow their handicap to limit their ambitions and potential

Yudit Caplan from Jerusalem Israel posted on 13 Jul 2019 5:36:09 PM
Concentrated and accurate filmIn the short time the film focuses on the character of the creative father and his work the image of a man who fights his limitations the father's painful image of his son's loss and the father's character conveying messages to his son while the filmmaker his throughout his role as the invisible receptor we the viewers share his point of view.

Daphne Cahane from Tel Aviv Israel posted on 13 Jul 2019 4:52:41 PM
One gets to really know Nino in a few minutes. Such a wonderful short film and so inspiring.

Raz Sekeles from Li-on Srigim Israel posted on 13 Jul 2019 3:59:32 PM
Your Movie touched my heart. I knew Yair at Jerusalem Arts High School and met your father a few times. Big Hug too you and your family.

Kathy Ferguson from Honolulu United States posted on 3 Jul 2019 5:07:21 AM
The illumination that comes through disability is profound.

Shulamit Rom from Heidelberg Germany posted on 3 Jul 2019 12:21:41 AM
a moving film about a moving person who is a great inspiration to me in so many ways

PAULA WEIMAN-KELMAN from Jerusalem Israel posted on 1 Jul 2019 3:34:11 PM
I wanted more and more and more. So beautiful.

ella maor from nsw Australia posted on 29 Jun 2019 5:27:25 PM
beautifully done- very affective the duality of beauty hope and drive for life with sad soft music and the difficulties life presents.

Samuel Press from Dayton United States posted on 28 Jun 2019 1:27:30 AM
I keep my emotions in my silence.. This film opened a reservoir of feelings and perspective on life

Peter Keeda from Sydney Australia posted on 26 Jun 2019 9:32:39 AM
most moving

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