He Will Walk

Title: He Will Walk
Author: Nicole Molloy & Matt Watt
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
Year: 2018
Location: NSW

Viewer Comments

Laraine Sippel from Dooralong Australia posted on 4 Aug 2018 11:06:13 AM
Such an inspiring video and so well done congratulations.. You can't help the tears falling but then again seeing such a beautiful smile on Nash's face counteracts your tears.Mel and Matt have embraced the situation so positively and Nash is obviously surrounded by so much love from everyone in the family. Prayer changes things too so that's what I will contribute and I am sure He Will Walk and do so much more. Xx

Donna Martin from Tumbulgum Australia posted on 21 Jul 2018 10:12:06 PM
My nephew and his wife have a child with Angels man and hes beautiful just like your Nash. Tynan is walking and into everything. He always has a big smile on his gorgeous face. Your boy was lucky he chose you as his parents

Helen Farley from Sydney Australia posted on 4 Jul 2018 10:10:43 AM
He Will Walk. After watching this short film I have no doubt about that Such a strong little boy and amazing brothers parents family. Inspiring to all of us and would like to wish the family all the best for the future.

Vajihe Malaekeh from portland United States posted on 4 Jul 2018 2:24:10 AM
Inspiring video

Karen Lee from Maroubra Australia posted on 1 Jul 2018 6:49:47 AM
This is a beautiful story of one determined little boy. He will walk. He has a beautiful supportive family so much love in his life. So inspirational

Robyn Lee from Coogeel Australia posted on 26 Jun 2018 8:36:17 PM
What a fantastic film cograts nicmattheath and Mel. He will Walk

Louise Iosifidis-Stellios from Earlwood Australia posted on 26 Jun 2018 12:08:33 AM
He will walk. What a beautiful film Nic I love can see the sparkle in his eyes. Such a beautiful family.

Colleen Gill from Penshurst Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 10:07:19 PM
Beautiful film on a beautiful little boy Nash who has Angelman Syndrome. With the amount of determination he has all the love of his family Ive no doubt he will walk.I am so very proud have nothing but love for Melanie Heath on how they are handling it all as well as not forgetting they have two other boys who are involved in sport school general mucking about - one in all in - familyThank you Nicole Matt for all your time effort in putting this film together.

Margaret Aldini from Breakfast Point Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 10:52:32 AM
What a wonderful and inspiring film. His smile is worth a thousand words. God bless you little Nash and to your amazing supportive family

Kristie Nevin from Earlwood Australia posted on 25 Jun 2018 7:42:41 AM
A showcase of positivity with a family who wasnt going to give up. You can see determination and joy surrounded by amazing family and friends.

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