FOCUS MUSIC - I've got the music in me

Could you live without music? No? Me neither. Whether you're a singer, musician or playlist maestro, music keeps many of us joyful. In these short films we meet people who are thriving due to their love of music. Their talents are on show and we're grateful for that!

In Finding my Carte Blanche we meet Lauren, a high school student who describes what it's like for her at school and how through music and singing she gets to 'let everything that's bothering me go'. Music and singing gives Lauren a chance to learn in a way that feels encouraging.

For Labongo, music is the answer. I'm Able is an insightful film from Uganda, following one man's journey to heal from trauma. 'Music makes me feel good, it releases my pain and makes me happy,' says Labongo.

After being captured and injured by rebels as a 19-year-old, Labongo has to learn how to live with his injuries. Today he sings reggae and hip-hop and wants to become an international star to spread his message of peace and build greater awareness for people of all abilities.

In Music Keeps Me Strong, Laughlin O'Connor shares his story. As Connor Wink, Laughlin plays ukulele and sings, beautifully. His relationship to music is profound and life changing. Watch for Laughlin's remarkable duet performance with Rick Price.

As he says, 'I feel like no one cares about me being blind when I'm singing.' This film shows a man in charge of his life, meeting his idols, raising funds for a worthy cause and bringing audiences to a hush when he sings.

Music gives Alita 'hope, freedom and a place to belong' when she feels like she doesn't belong anywhere. In The Music in Me we see Alita grow from a child exploring music into a multi-instrumental musician and songwriter. This tender short film allows Alita to reflect on how much music has given her.

In louder than me music creates a connection, where others have tried and failed. We see the main character listening to music and yet unable to speak, something his friends find very frustrating.

This short film is a gentle story about the power of music in its most simple form, sharing a song or a moment with someone. It's a reminder to all of us to reach out to music as a way to connect with others.