For the eleventh year in a row, the Focus on Ability Short Film Festival (FOA) has called for the world's best films on the theme of the abilities of people with disability. And in 2019, we are not disappointed!

This year we received a whopping 245 entries. 245 films have been dreamed about, conceptualised, filmed, edited and entered to the FOA competition. That's a lot of fun.

In 2019, we've received entries from 26 different countries. Newly represented countries include Egypt, France and Vietnam Collectively, they've brought an interesting twist to the competition! All winners will be revealed at the FOA Short Film Festival Red Carpet event on September 6 at The Concourse in Sydney.

The winners will receive over $150,000 in cash and prizes from our team of enthusiastic and generous sponsors. Many of the films are screened at events all over Australia and internationally in New Zealand, Malawi and the United States of America.

You can view them all from June 20. And once you've watched and re-watched your favourites, be sure to vote. There are huge prizes for Most Online Votes, so tell your friends all about it!

Voting closes on July 3.