Many workplaces today are built around businesses that inspire change, and with that, they set out to employ people with different abilities. These short films look at very different workplaces with one thing in common: the drive to create change and positive experiences.

In Goodwill Cafe we hear from different employees about what it means to take care of people, feeding them nourishing meals and making sure they have what they need. You might get hungry watching this short film! There's a job for everyone in this cafe and the aim is to make a profit and have fun, too.

In Alice in Da Hood we meet VCAL students from Chisholm TAFE who are collaborating with Wallara students in a performance project. As one of the VCAL students says, 'It was a win-win for both groups.' This inspiring performance gave the Wallara students a taste of a real life TAFE experience and the chance to make new friends and perform for their peers.

Six Degrees Cafe Gallery Garden is part of Black Mountain School, which provides opportunities for students to experience different work scenarios. The cafe was designed to be an example for other employers to visit and see the benefits of hiring people of different abilities.

Student artwork is hung on the walls of the cafe, horticulture products are on display and available for sale, and students are employed to work in the kitchen, as wait staff and behind the counter. A short uplifting film!

From developing computer apps, to supporting people in their jobs, DAPA - Differently Abled People Association - creates software and IT solutions for people with disability. A Different Kind of Workplacewe see how each person brings different skills and has the opportunity to excel in their work. Each task is important to the whole project - whether building computers or designing a new App to make life easier for people of all abilities.