Whether it's a vocation or a casual job, there are many possibilities when it comes to finding work that sustains us. Here are five people who have chosen to share their lives and working days on film. From Sri Lanka to Malawi, Nepal to the Philippines, each person navigates their own unique challenges.

In 'Sanjaya's story' we're transported to Sri Lanka. Sanjaya started his own business after studying for many years and is driven to be of service to society. We hear his views on what work means to him against the backdrop of the busy streets and zooming traffic in which he works.

Regina has been teaching since 2007 and 'I am the Professional Teacher' is her story. She lives in Malawi where she teaches young children in the classroom, assisted by a helper who writes on the board. This inspiring story shows how happy Regina is teaching and setting an example for her students.

Two brothers walk 15 kilometres each day to find work in 'Barefooted', a short film from the Philippines. When they arrive, they harvest and dehusk coconuts, which they've been doing since they were young. They work on their own, even in the rain. Their story is one of determination and commitment.

In 'Acceptance' we meet Nicolas, a twenty-year old street dancer from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He wants to be a professional dancer as an example for other people with disability. At first, Michael has to fight to find a street-dancing troupe that would accept him for himself, but today he is dancing full-time and using all of his body.

'Anjana's Journey' begins on an accessible trekking trail in Nepal. Anjana introduces us to her life and her mother, who used to carry her daughter to school after being told not to send her. Anjana describes being a student in a school without wheelchair facilities. Today she advocates for change.

Anjana lives independently and helps people with disability and their families, through advocacy work and providing support. She's a leader in her field.