Dance is an expression of so much more than choreography and costumes. At its heart, is well, the heart. Each of these films invites us to see how dance is an avenue for so much more. There's freedom through movement and these stories show the joy and, at times, determination that comes from dance.

In 'The Complicated Dance to the Wheel of Life', a stirring short film from the Philippines, Michael is told to lead with his heart, when a dear friend sees that he is struggling to value himself and his life, as a young man in a wheelchair.

We watch his journey, one of struggles and triumphs, as he learns to partner dance and find peace in his body. It's an uplifting film with beautiful dances that are sure to leave you smiling.

Meanwhile, in Kenya, we meet Dalmas in 'One Foot Ahead ' 'whose abilities are so far ranging that dance is just one of many pursuits that brings him joy. His story is one of perseverance - his motivation to excel at new sports and hobbies is unwavering but his success is often hindered by lack of money.

After losing one leg in an accident when he was four, Dalmas goes on to find freedom through movement in soccer, basketball, swimming, cycling and of course dance. His story may leave you breathless with all his adventures!

Dance has already changed Tim's life - after all, Tim met Mick on a dance floor. In 'Meeting Mick' we see and hear how Mick's relationship with his own body has changed throughout his life. As he says of his story, "Disability is irrelevant, but it's also a part of it."

Watch for the captivating footage of Mick dancing in his first troupe, the fluidity and strength of the dancers as they move in wheelchairs is incredibly moving. Dancing gave Mick a whole new level of freedom to show his physical capabilities and this doco really leaves an impression of both men.

For Tara, dance offers a chance to express many things. In 'Dance is Life' we meet Tara and her family. Tara started dancing when she was four, went on to take private lessons and today is a senior dancer with Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre. As she works on a solo performance and tells us about her sister, we see that Tara could find freedom through movement in a whole other way.