There are a million ways to dance and these stories prove it! These short films introduce us to several dancers - from Australia, India and Zimbabwe - and invite us into the exciting world of inclusive dance troupes.

Learn how these dancers discovered their own dance moves, often inventing moves the world has yet to see!

In ' Walking Tall' we meet Blessing Fire from Zimbabwe. As a boy he used to walk on his hands when his feet were tired. When his gymnast brother asked him to do a handstand he inadvertently started to dance. There's immense power in his dancing.

Blessing Fire's dance moves are unique. People struggle to copy them! Out of his disability he found a unique ability that is now taking him all around the world. This is a beautiful snapshot of a talented dancer who is dancing his way through life.

' Making Waves' is a beautifully shot short film that combines the fluidity of contemporary dance with body-locking, break-dancing moves and the multi-talented Max. As a professional dancer with Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre, Max lives and breathes dance in all its forms.

As he moves with the music Max draws us deeper into his story, his passion for dancing and the love of his life. This is a sweet documentary with a keen sense of timing and moments to pause and appreciate Max's life as a professional dancer.

When two high school teenagers are forced to hold dance auditions to fill spots in their troupe, a chance to choose a different path emerges. The setting may be familiar but the decisions and opportunities that flow through 'Any Body Can Dance' offers a chance to rewrite the typical high school script.

This clever, inclusive short film shows what's possible when we accept that ability comes in all forms and that dancing can be whatever we choose it to be. Watching these dancers as they dance to their own beat is a real treat.

In 'Raising the Bar' we travel to the World Down Syndrome Congress in Chennai, India where we meet a dance teacher from Melbourne who has brought a troupe to perform. This uplifting short film shows how dance is making a difference in the lives of young people from Australia and India. It's a delightful combination of proud parents and ecstatic dancers, as they perform for their peers in an international event.