Have you ever watched a toddler as they listen to music? The tentative bopping up and down, from the knees only at first, until the music takes hold and the whole body gets involved. It's a joyful discovery - for them and us!

Sometimes adults forget we were born with a sense of rhythm, so it's wonderful to be reminded of the rhythm of kids, in these five short films.

'Jolt Diversity Dance Project' from New Zealand follows primary school children as they dance and play in movement workshops. It's a meditative film that moves from activity to activity, carrying the children's smiles and their willingness to work together. As the narrator says, 'The children didn't see disability, they saw difference, which allowed them to be themselves.'

In 'Kala's Story' we meet a dance teacher who's showing young children how they to be more inclusive. By changing how she teaches the class and modifying some of the props, Kala can see where she needs to move and the dance class goes on. There's such joy in this short film as these young kids test out their rhythm and balance, and Kala's smile is by far the brightest.

There's a similar joy in 'Everybody Dance Now!' This short film is a delightful mash-up of different classes at Redlands Special School. From the preppies to the seniors, we're shown that 'everyone at our school can dance.' Watch to the end to see one of the teachers sneakily grooving away to some tunes. You're bound to smile when you hear 'I feel better when I'm dancing...'

In 'Kaylha' we meet a mother who was determined her daughters have the same opportunities. When she finds a dance troupe called Living Proof, her daughter Kaylha brings to light new talents and has a chance to shine. This beautiful film celebrates a family's love and reminds us that it's always possible to find a place to share our gifts.