Friendship comes in many forms. Whether you're in school or out in the wider world, friends can help us share our talents, see the funny side in life, and find solutions to tricky problems. Sometimes our dearest friends aren't even humans! Perhaps it's a pet that makes you feel most at home?

These five films share stories of friendships that bring out the best in us.

Airlock is a funny film that shows three friends in a life or death situation set in outer space. Will they make the right decision? What must they reveal to each other to succeed? It's a clever story that shares confessions of difference and answers one time-old secret that we can't reveal here ...

In Paper we meet the students of Rosewood State High School. This short film is a clever story about how we are all more than what's written on the piece of paper in our lives. With so many different talents and abilities to celebrate, this story feels as much about friendship as words on paper.

This black-and-white, short film takes a well-known story and gives it a twist.
The Wizard of Aus introduces us to characters played by the students at Singleton High School, as they wander down the yellow brick road looking for answers. It's a clever film where everyone's involved and having fun. All the characters want to see the wizard so he can take their differences away... what will the Wizard of Aus say when the finally arrive?

The Gate is an evocative short film from the Seaford Disability Unit. As viewers we stand on either side of the gate, looking out and looking in. When the gate opens, the friendships begin to change. With an atmospheric score and scenery, this film is like a meditation on friendship.

In Noella we meet a young woman who tells us her horse Jack is 'my ability when I haven't been able to be...' This beautiful story shows the power of our friendships with the animal kingdom. Jack the horse intuitively knows when Noella has had a bad day or when her leg is giving her pain. This friendship provides support on more levels than we could ever know.