These five films show the positive and lasting impact of families - how a sibling or a parent can make all the difference when it comes to overcoming life's challenges and growing up to become capable individuals. Whether by encouraging us to pursue our dreams, supporting our hobbies or finding new ways for us to learn, the love of a family can change our lives.

We meet Nash in He Will Walk and hear from his parents and brothers who share the story of his life so far. Nash's brothers adore him, and show great affection and patience towards him as he learns in his own time. Nash's smile is as uplifting as this story. It's a beautiful snapshot of a family determined not to accept 'no' for their son.

In Inclusion Makes the World More Vibrant a young boy visits a gallery with his vision-impaired mother. He seems embarrassed at first but when his mother asks him to describe his favourite painting to her, the boy draws a crowd of enthralled listeners.

There's such a joyful relationship between this mother and son, the encouragement and satisfaction they share in creating a beautiful moment in the gallery is enjoyed by everyone around them.

Lachlan tells us about his brother Connor in The Red Jersey. Connor is obsessed with rugby and has Autism. He even started his own competition but struggled at high school to find a team. When UQ Rugby invites Connor to join their team, his life opens up. This is an inspiring short film showing love and respect between two brothers, another family and the UQ rugby club community.

In Life in Black we meet a couple that's been married for 56 years. Four years into their marriage, Tony lost his sight. This is a quiet portrayal of enduring love between two people who've had to navigate unforeseen changes in their lives, growing together and thriving on the way.

For Alita, music gives her 'hope, freedom and a place to belong' when she feels like she doesn't belong anywhere. In The Music in Me we hear from a multi-instrumental musician and songwriter, reflecting on her childhood and the support she received from her family, always there in the background.