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Focus on Ability
Title: Chances
Author: Bill Kasanda
Category: International Entry
Location: Kenya
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Previous Comments

Oliver Musoga from Lamu Kenya posted on 11 Sep 2017 5:37:43 PM

P-Spicq Pius from Nairobi Kenya posted on 8 Sep 2017 7:41:12 PM
Wow.. This is so so so inspiring.. Am Out of words here.. Am glad the message is out for everyone to grasp. Kudos Guys...

Rae Wambui from Nairobi Kenya posted on 7 Sep 2017 1:08:48 AM
This is very beautiful and inspiring tough is what keeps us going

ZIPPORAH Ali from Nairobi Kenya posted on 20 Aug 2017 6:33:38 AM
Its a brave new world and you are part of it. Bravo for taking chances to live your lives to the fullest. Your video is very inspiring especially to other disabled people it gives hope encouragement motivation and a purpose in life. Well done and keep going. The sky is the limit. Follow your dreams.

pato Wandeyi from Eldoret Kenya posted on 8 Aug 2017 1:31:39 PM
Its not about luck.... But cause and effect Inspirational

Ngachy Nyoks from Kiambu Australia posted on 7 Aug 2017 10:45:30 PM
It's really a heart touching story disability is not inability. A challenge indeed and another way to thank God with what He has offered you not to question Him. I always wish for the best to every God's creation. Feeling determined indeed

Pam Wanja from Nairobi Kenya posted on 7 Aug 2017 4:50:09 AM
So inspiring and touching

Nobantu Modise from Johannesburg South Africa posted on 1 Aug 2017 8:53:23 PM
WOW So profound- I'm very happy that I watched this

Shawn John from Doha Qatar posted on 30 Jul 2017 7:00:15 PM
This is true and the fact that it's real..to me i think thats what makes it so special and motivating..at 200mins I was already inspired.

Noel Cheruto from Nairobi Kenya posted on 28 Jul 2017 12:50:03 AM
This is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you.

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