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Focus on Ability
Title: All the light that we shall see
Author: Camila Cruz
Category: Open Entrant - Documentary
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Previous Comments

Peter Avils from Heredia Costa Rica posted on 23 Aug 2016 9:14:36 AM
Hola Sabrina te envo un mensaje desde Costa Rica para desearte suerte en este proyecto. Tu madre y yo fuimos muy amigos durante la poca en que vivimos en Lima Duarte. Espero te conhecer em breve. Abrao grande

Trevor Parmenter from Castle Hill Australia posted on 22 Aug 2016 8:09:11 AM
Truly inspirational Sabrina and Camila. Wonderful dreams that I am sure will come true. Your beauty shines through Sabrina. Please keep dreamingTrevor

Hassan Osman from Doha Qatar posted on 17 Aug 2016 6:48:55 PM
Sabrina has been an inspiration from the moment I first met her and her mother a little more than 5 years ago. Her determination and bravery were very powerful traits that I could sense from day one. We were a group of men training in Martial Arts on the beach trying to be tough and this little girl with a big smile walked in and joined us Her smile never left her face and it has been a privilege watching her grow. I have learned many things from her and I'm sure she's got a bright future ahead of her. Keep it going

Geraldine Smith from Berry Australia posted on 16 Aug 2016 9:03:05 AM
What an inspiring film and inspiring young lady. I think she will achieve everything she wants.

sam livingston from allambie Australia posted on 8 Aug 2016 9:53:49 AM
A very tasteful and powerful short film about an interesting capable and inspired young lady.

Josie Palmer -Gabe from Mount Coolum Australia posted on 7 Aug 2016 7:21:11 PM
A very brave girl .I hope she achieves her dreams and gets to university and makes it as an actress. A lovely film

Venkatesh Jalendiran from HOMEBUSH WEST Australia posted on 3 Aug 2016 3:10:09 PM
What a wonderful documentary It really motivates and boost the confidence of anyone whoever watches.

Claudia Hartl from Redfern Australia posted on 3 Aug 2016 1:34:20 PM
Beautiful young woman beautiful music beautiful story. A wonderful and very inspiring video

Lynda Kennedy from Newtown Australia posted on 2 Aug 2016 7:35:45 PM
Great to hear from an ambitious young woman. There is truly a place for all of us - let's encourage it

Rob MacDonald from Jaspers Brush Australia posted on 1 Aug 2016 7:52:37 AM
Such a gentle documentary and yet so powerful. It can enrich the life of anyone who watches it.

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