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Focus on Ability
Title: A Tangible Possibility
Author: Oaklynn School
Category: School Entrant - Short Film
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Previous Comments

Petrina Tatu from Te Atatu South Auckland New Zealand posted on 11 Sep 2016 1:45:29 PM
Fantastic Film. High Five to all that took part in making this film possible. Great work guys

Djaja Kusno from Auckland New Zealand posted on 16 Aug 2016 5:20:44 PM
Wonderful story and excellent cast team work. Very proud of it

Pat Tongakilo from Auckland New Zealand posted on 16 Aug 2016 11:02:45 AM
A movie that was simple to understand and not to complicated to comprehend. Well done Oaklyn school. AWESOME.

Penny Mulholland from Christchurch New Zealand posted on 12 Aug 2016 2:22:17 PM
Excellent film and very touching. Well done

Teresa Callaghan from Auckland New Zealand posted on 8 Aug 2016 8:28:03 PM
Huge applause and kudos to the team. You are amazing

mark CYGAN from new lynn New Zealand posted on 6 Aug 2016 10:36:48 AM
amazing team spirit and close knit group

Paulette Harraway from Perth Australia posted on 4 Aug 2016 10:16:44 PM
Wow you guys have created a great piece of film and your acting skills are awesome I can see how you have thought the storyline through and considered all the details that have made it so meaningful. Well done Proud of you all... Becky's Mum

Douglas Vause from Te Atatu South New Zealand posted on 4 Aug 2016 5:56:15 AM
This film has a great story line with great humour excellent film making and professional props setting etc. Well done great job you can all be proud of.

Murray Bartlett from Christchurch New Zealand posted on 4 Aug 2016 3:44:53 AM
Loved this.....the hard work was worth it - And thanks for reminding me of the dangers of baked beans

Graeme Daniel from Christchurch New Zealand posted on 3 Aug 2016 10:21:52 AM
Well done guys - actors in the making. Anything is possible.............

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